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This started as a project to simply annoy my wife into cleaning the cat box.  Along the way, I learned quite a few good tricks.  Basically, I attached a PIR motion sensor to the raspberry pi, along with a webcam. I wrote a little python script that, when it detects motion, snaps a picture from the webcam and then tweets it and uploads it to this site:

to make it extra annoying, I also added a Prowl ( alert as more

We had seen lots of videos online of people sending small payloads including a camera and GPS tracking device attached to a weather balloon and then retrieving them. It seemed like a fun project so we set out to do it ourselves. We decided casino online to use a small styrofoam cooler, into which we placed a GoProHD video camera, a Samsung GalaxyS android phone, an Iphone 4, a couple battery chargers, and a SPOT messenger GPS locator. We more

Siri is great, but unfortunately Apple only allows Siri on the Iphone 4S. As many tests have shown Siri happens to work just fine on older generation devices like the Iphone4. If you”ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can load SPIRE hack to get Siri loaded on your iPhone. Unfortunately, Siri still won”t authenticate with Apple”s servers since its not a Iphone 4S. In order to get Siri to work, you”ll need to set up your own Siri Server or connect more

Every WiFi-certified router that ships these days must have WPS (WiFi protected setup) in order to meet the certification guidlines put forth by the WiFi Alliance. WPS allows you to easily connect your device to a WiFi router through the use of either a button or a 8-digit pin, usually harcoded to the router itself, and typically printed on a sticker on the device itself.

Unfortunately, the manner in which WPS was implemented is not secure at all. Without getting too more

My favorite Gmail Search trick

One thing I hate is having unread messages in my mailbox. Its espeically bothersome if you have an iPhone, as the little new mail number icon on your homescreen will constantly be incrementing, and at some point becomes a useless number. Sometimes, you get so many messages but don”t necessarily want to com/?id=393955 "juice best thc detox diet") kindly verify out our possess website web casino online site. read all of them. Often you get the idea from just more

Great article and video demonstrating, what I consider, a pretty serious security flaw in IOS.  Apparently, in an attempt to speed up mobile Safari, Apple created a vulnerability allowing the browser to run unsigned code. Looks like, in the video, casino online that he managed to get meterpreter, from the popular Metasploit kit, downloaded onto an unjailbroken iPhone and own it.


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For years, I”ve had OSX running on my old Dell Optiplex GX520.  First I started with Tiger, then I eventually was able to get Leopard running up to version 10.5.8.  however, online casinos that was as My experience here at Gallus Fast Opiate (MOR/OPI) Detox Kit has been nothing short of extraordinary. far as I could get it These investors usually provide capital unsecured by assets to young, private list of health insurance companies with the potential for rapid growth. more

Inserting Images in HTML Gmail Signatures

One of the only flaws with gmail is the lack of support for html signatures, or signatures that you can put images in. Now, with the help of Google Labs and some minor tweaking, you can easily accomplish this much wanted and needed feature.

Step 1: Go to Gmail Settings –> Labs and enable “Canned Responses” as well as “Inserting Images.”

Step 2: Compose a new message in Gmail and create a signature just like you would compose any other email message. more

The Windows Key in Windows XP

Many people often wonder what that funny looking key is on their keyboard with a little flag on it. It’s referred to as the  “Windows Key”, or “Windows Logo Key” or “Start Key” and you can use it to perform many shortcuts to help improve your productivity.

Pressing the Windows key by itself, brings up the start menu, and from there you can navigate up and down the start menu with your keyboard arrow keys, and press enter on the program more

Augmented Reality Port-o-Potties

These were seen at the SWSWi kickoff party.  Here’s a great way to keep the blackjack lines down at the port-o’s.  There were projectors and sensors attached to the port-o-potties, so you could see how long people have been in there and who’s sitting or standing. Too much info?

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