kingsizehomermain My Home Network Setup

I get a lot of people asking me – what are you running at home?

Our Home Network consists of:

Dell Optiplex GX260 running Ubuntu Linux 8.10. I use this box for several things- DHCP server, Squid/DansGuardian Proxy to protect the kids, MythTV for TV recording, SMB file sharing for storing all our photos, movies, music, etc., and rtorrent.

Optiplex GX520 running OSX86 – for the kids. Nice and safe Mac-style.

Original Xbox running Xbox Media Center: We use this as a front end for all the content on the file server. It”s available casino online for Windows, MAC and Linux too!

Dell Latitude D400 – XP Home. Wife”s Laptop.  Nice and light.

Apple Airport Express – this is used as a wireless bridge. Great multi-purpose device.

Buffalo WLA-G54 – the other half of the wireless bridge. I”ve got a couple no-brand external hard drives I use for backup.

We have two Samsung Blackjacks (I and II). Say what you want about Windows Mobile, but these are two great smart- phones.

Try as I might to keep things stable and working, I have an unconrtollable urge to constantly tweak the settings on all these devices and inevitalby break them -  much to my wife”s dismay.