It seems like the faster hard drive sizes increase, the faster we fill them up.  Multi-megapixel photographs, HD movies and  massive music collections start to take up a lot of space very quickly.  It”s always nice  to be able to see in a visual way, what exactly is eating up all that space.

windirstat Discover What's Filling Up Your Hard Drive


Here are three FREE tools you can use- one for each OS- Windows, OSX and Linux. They are all fairly similar.

WindirStat (Windows) – Great graphical disk analysis tool. Lots of custom settings like # of threads, color coding, etc.,This program is Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo – Deep cleansing with Avocado to casino hair and give your scalp a nourishing treat. fast. Its good for running against a shared directory to History     Established in 1978Don Meyer and Donnell Jackson, owners of Economic Driving chicago driving school  attended San Jose State University where they earned their teaching credentials in 1974. see who”s taking up all the disk space.

Disk Inventory X (OSX) – The author says that this was written to be like WindirStat, so its basically the same thing. Although it doens”t seem quite as feature rich. Gets the job done on a Mac.

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Disk Inventory X

KDirstat (Linux) – Supposedly, Windirstat is a clone of this bit of software. Although it”s a KDE program it will run in any X11 environment.

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All three of these programs can help recover disk space, and keep that old hard dirve from filling up quite as fast.