blackjackii winmo61 networksettingslock 300x225 How To Unlock and Enable Tethering on BlackJack II with Windows Mobile 6.1After I upgraded my BlackJack II to Windows Mobile 6.1 via the Samsung website, there were a couple things I quickly found needed tweaking. Although in 6.1 AT&T unhid the Inernet Sharing feature, it wouldn”t work for me after the upgrade. When I tried to tether my laptop it kept disconnecting. Also, I like to turn off ATT”s proxy on my BlackJack2 .  I feel like I get faster Internet with the Proxy off in Windows Mobile.  But, in 6.1 the network settings are locked, and can”t be modified (or can best online casino they?).  Here”s what I had to do to fix both of these problems on my BlackJackII.

To unlock the network settings so you can disable the proxy or change wap:

  1. Open the File Explorer (found under Start \ All Programs \ Applications \ File Explorer) and browse to the Windows folder. Once in the Windows folder you are looking for an application called “UAMgr”. The quickest way to get to this file is to push the letter U on the keyboard and the phone will jump down to the files that start with U.
  2. Run UAMgr by highlighting the file and pressing down on the action button. When the application opens you will see a screen that says “UAPMgr/Streaming” in the top title bar and “UA/Streaming Manager 2008″ in the center of the screen.
  3. Press the Menu \ Tool \ Unlock ReadOnly. The phone will then present you with a confirmation screen indicating that Read Only has been unlocked. Press OK and then Close and you’re done.

To make Internet Tethering work on your BlackJack II:

Go to edit the network connections.  Edit AT&T ISP connection, changing the Access point to wap.cingular.

Then Internet Sharing should work for you now on your BlackJack 2.