logo wm large Top 10 Reasons I Still Love Windows MobileI have to admit – I”m a gadget freak. I have used Windows Mobile devices for years now and love them. That being said,  I keep looking for a valid reason to switch to an iPhone or perhaps an Android device because they”re amazing too.   I still just can”t make myself do it.  There are some things that Windows Mobile does really well, yet they don”t seem to promote it. I don”t understand why Microsoft doesn”t put any advertising dollars into Windows Mobile. Every time I turn on the TV there”s an iPhone ad.  MS seems content to leave it up to the OEM”s to gain market share. Anyways, here”s my top 10 reasons I still love Windows Mobile, in no particular order.

  1. One of the great and sometimes not-so-great features of WinMo is true multitasking. You can have several applications running simultaneously. This can sometimes be a battery killer, but for better or worse, it”s nice to be able to stream music while checking google maps, switch to your web browser and back.
  2. There are a TON of applications available for Windows Mobile. It”s been around for years and there is a strong developer base creating all kinds of applications.  Sure Apple has the App Store, but there are real robust enterprise productivity and business applications developed for WinMo – including Office. Most of the apps I”ve seen for the iPhone look fun or useful for about 5 minutes. If you do just want fun on your BlackJack2 or other device, there are apps like TCPMP (plays all those DIVX movies, mp3″s, etc.,) Opera, Google Maps, Live Search, Pandora, Last FM, Skyfire (which includes real FLASH support))…
  3. GPS – Apple touts it”s GPS functionality like no one has ever used a GPS before. I use  Garmin software on my BlackJackII and it gives me turn-by-turn directions, gas prices, etc., Microsoft Live Search does Turn-by-turn text for free.
  4. Exchange ActiveSync. Now, I know the iPhone  has this, but if you”re running an Exchange environment, its the best We cover the different types of qualified health plans in detail on our Complete Health affordable-health.info Exchange Guide. sync system out there. It works great, and it works best on a Windows Mobile device. Raise your hand if your Blackberry went down last year along with RIM?  Exchange ActiveSync leaves it in your (admin”s) hands.  Unless you bring the servers down it keeps running. Push Email to the masses. Not to mention Enterprise class features including AD management, remote Wipe, corporate policy restrictions for free.
  5. Works with all types dgfev online casino of form factors – Over the last several years, I”ve tried models with touchscreens, keyboards,  flip phone, candybars, Ruggedized. The OS adapts very well to multiple hardware designs.
  6. Works with different manufacturers-One of the things I look forward to with Android is that multiple manufacturer”s will be producing handsets with it running.  I”ve used WinMo on devices from the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Pantech, HP and others. Although WinMo offers consistency among the devices, it leaves room for each OEM to tweak it to their liking. I think the compettion among them has pushed MS and them forward in the development of the Mobile OS.  If y you like the iPhone, for better or worse, you”re stuck with Apple.
  7. Bluetooth Stereo (A2DP) – I love washing the car or riding my bike  listening to my Motorola-S9 bluetooth headphones
  8. Tethering – I can tether my laptop via USB or bluetooth without any crazy hacks. This has been a lifesaver many times.
  9. Familiar Windows Interface – Theres something nice and familiar, however boring it may be, to have that little old start button there to get you going.  Additionally, I like being able to simply drag and drop files onto the device once I”m synced.
  10. Skype – Although there are 3rd Party apps to make this work on the iPhone, as far as I know, WinMo is still the only mobile OS that supports a true Skype Client.

I could just as easily write another article about 10 things I hate bout Windows Mobile, but we”ll leave  that for another day. Sure, the iPhone and Android have some of the features above, and do many of them even better; but neither of them have all of them. Hopefully Apple and Google have lit a fire under Microsoft”s ass and the next version of WinMo will rock.