pandora 300x219 Pandora Installation on your BlackJack 2 or Other Windows Mobile DevicePandora is a great “music suggestion” service that allows you to stream music based on the Music Genome Project for free. If you haven”t tried it yet, click here to open a free account. You”ll love it:

I was waiting for them to release a windows mobile compatible version of their software for my BlackJack II as they just released it for the iPhone recently. Sure enough, if you visit the Pandora site, they have indeed released a version for Windows Mobile devices. However, unless you have one of the few supported devices (Blackjack 2 is not), it won”t let you grab the software. Thankfully, the folks over at xda-developers and PPC-Geeks  have the .cab file posted on their forums.  Grab it from the links below and transfer it to your BlackJack II via ActiveSync. Then find it in file dgfev online casino explorer on your device and click to install. Open the app up and enjoy free Pandora streaming on your BlackJackII. You”ll need to have an active account set up on their website before you can enjoy the streaming tunes action. Granted, the sound quality is not quite as good as the website streaming. It sounds about 64 Kb to me, but who caares? It”s certainly listenable, and I”m sure in the future they”ll bump up the bitrate (probably for a fee!). Ive got my BlackJack II hooked up for sound in my car, and it”s sweet to listen to Pandora while driving – no commercials! With the relatively low bitrate, I can keep a stream going through my whole commute even when I drop from 3G to Edge.

Here”s some links to the cab files so you can get your Pandora on. I haven”t noticed much difference between versions below, but there appear to be a few circulating.

1.1.10 –

1.1.4 and 1.0.25

Now I”m ready for a streaming Last.FM client for the BlackJack II. I know there”s one that will only scrobble. Anyone?