jackie mason hi Mio Releases "Kosher" GPS   Will it Guide on Shabbat?I read on Gizmodo today about a new GPS unit from Mio : the Mio Ma”amin (“Mio Believer”). Here”s a link to the original story from the Jerusalem Post.

“It lists thousands of kosher restaurants and includes the Book of Psalms, the three daily prayer services, the Traveler”s Prayer, a Hebrew calendar, and two versions of Grace After Meals.” Apparently GPS and Cell Phones are OK as long as there”s none of that dirty internet on them. Nice idea.

I wonder if it shuts down automatically on Friday night? Here are some other features I heard they are including:

1) Default voice of Jackie online casino dgfev Mason
2) Yells at you in “Mother-In-Law Voice” when you miss your turn.
3) POI are all Doctor”s offices, mostly podiatrists and urologists

4) Special mode that guides by landmarks: “Make a right when casino online you get to the hospital where Uncle Mort had his goiter removed…”

5) Speed Warnings over 25 MPH: “Oy Vey! You”re going too fast! You”re driving like a meshuginah”
6) Media Player preloaded with Yentl, the Jazz Singer, and Fiddler on the Roof
7) Routes you half-way through every trip to visit your Grandmother
8 ) Warns you when powering up that you look a little thin. “Have you been eating enough? Maybe you should have a nosh before you leave.”
9) Unfortunately, maps are only available for Boca Raton and the lower East Side of New York
10) Hot key to call your Grandson for help using the damn thing