If you”re the leat bit computer-savvy, and your relative”s aren”t, you”ll get the call some day to help them with their home computers.  We”ve all been there.  Usually it”s “My computer seems to be running really slow lately – fix it”.  The only thing worse than having to fix the dreaded  “slow computer” is having to constantly gmake the time to go voer there and do it.  There”s a few great (FREE) tools you can use to help you save some gas and keep your butt planted firmly at home.

mac to mac 300x187 Two Tools to Fix your Relative's Computers Remotely1) LOGMEIN - This takes a little pre-planning. To start, go to their website and create yourself a free account. Next time you”re over at your friends” or relateives” house, connect to the logmein website and load up the remote access software on their computer.  Make sure you let them know you”re doing this so they dont” freak out when they see an unexpected icon.   Next time they have a problem, as long as they have internet connectivity, you simply log in the the logmein website from your home. Their PC will show up in a list of managed computers.  Choose their computer, put in teh appropriate credentials and Voila! you”re controlling their desktop. Depending on their issues and network speeds, it can be a bit clunky. It still beats getting in the car and schlepping over there every time Grandma can”t print.

showmypc generate password 300x135 Two Tools to Fix your Relative's Computers Remotely2) ShowMyPC – this is good for those spontaneous calls from the unexpected friend or relative whom you haven”t already set up on your list of LogMeIn client computers.  When you get the dreaded call from your buddy, and he still has Internet connectivity, have him browse to www.showmypc.com.  From there, casino online he can click on the SHOW MY PC to REMOTE USER link.  A small bit of software is downloaded. Have him run it. It will create a secure outbound connection thereby poking through his firewall to one of showmypc”s SSH servers, where you”ll meet up with him.  Once he opens the software, and  chooses SHOW MY PC NOW, a unique access code will be created.  On your end, you fire up the same tool from their website, however, you choose VIEW REMOTE PC.  Have your friend read you his  code over the phone. Type it in on your end, and a secure VNC session is created for you to remote control his desktop.

Both of the above apps have paid versions which offer all kinds of other nifty features like file transfers, custom logos, etc., For the most part, however, the freebies should work fine.

One other tip – Make an image of your relative”s hard drive once you get it in working order.  Next time they have a problem, get their files off, roll that image back on, and you”re good to go. Saves alot of time troubleshooting mysterious slowdowns. Here”s a link back to some info about Cloning your hard drive for free.