logo pandora More Ways to Enjoy PandoraPandora is one of the leading “Music Suggestion” web services. You can sign up for a free account on www.pandora.com. You choose your favorite artists or songs and Pandora automatically serves up streaming music that it feels matches your individual tastes.  The backend magic is based on the Music Genome Project, “is an effort to “capture the essence of music at the fundamental level” using over 400 attributes to describe songs and a complex mathematical algorithm to organize them.” Try it out- it”s free.

There are several ways for you to enjoy the Pandora service while away from your computer”s web browser. Here are a few:

pandora 161x300 More Ways to Enjoy Pandora1) IPhone application- You can get more info here. Basically, its just like the website. All the major functions available on the web are right there in the application – creating playlists, approving songs, getting info, etc., It”s FREE, of course.

2) Windows Mobile Application – great for your Tilt, BlackJack II, or Fuze.  This WinMo Since 1997, when Congress last raised the minimum wage, the real value of the minimum wage has fallen about 20 percent because of inflation, while the earned income tax free-credits-report.com (EITC) and child free-credits-report.com have been expanded. app let”s you listen to your stations, create new ones, view album casino online art, etc., More info here

boxee pandora3 225x140 More Ways to Enjoy Pandora3) Boxee – Popular media center software Boxee now has a native application available for free download.  Great cover art, station creation, song approval, and slick graphics.

chumby pandora 3 More Ways to Enjoy Pandora4) Chumby – Raise your hand if you”ve got a Chumby. No, me neither. If you”re one of the two people who has one, you”re in luck, because Chumby officially supports Pandora.  There”s more info on their website

5) Sprint Instinct – Digital Lounge now has Pandora available. Just log in to your Digital Lounge and search for Pandora. Get ready to pay $3 per month, however. ouch.

There are a few other devices out there that will play friendly with Pandora. If you”ve tried them, let us know…