worm 225x157 Conficker Update   It's Doing SomethingWell, April 1st came and went without the Internet exploding. All seemed calm on the waters until today when, apparently, infected Conficker PC”s began downloading new encrypted binaries and checking to see if various websites were up.

According to Trend Micro”s summary:

Two things can There are also no specifics when it comes to having a traffic online casino ticket dismissed through traffic driving permit test participation. be summed up from the events that transpired:

1. As expected, the P2P communications of the Downad/Conficker botnet may have just been used to serve an update, and not via HTTP. The Conficker/Downad P2P communications is now running in full swing!
2. Conficker-Waledac connection? Possible, but we still have to dig deeper into this…

Here”s a link to more information from Trend Micro

Here”s a link to the conficker “eye test” – it”ll let you know if your machine is infected or not.