opendns logo 225x94 Using OpenDNS to Protect Your NetworkOpenDNS is a great way to help protect your home or business network for free. By utilizing their free DNS servers, you can add an additional layer of content filtering to any solutions you may already be using. Here”s how it works.

DNS (Domain Name System)  – is a method by which the URL”s you type into your browser are translated into the actual Internet IP-addresses fo the appropriate servers. Its by using these unique addresses that information gets routed properly around the Internet. A common comparison is your postal address: You can think of the URL”s as your NAME and the IP address as your street and house number.  Your mail won”t reach you without the address. So for every Domain name out there, a unique Ip address exists. When you make a request in your web browser for a particular website, it queries its DNS provider for the correct IP address and then takes you there. By default you”re casino online probably using your ISP”s DNS servers to provide this functionality for you.

You can create a free account and then set your router or home your home PC”s individually to use OpenDNS” servers instead of your ISPs. OpenDNS categorizes domain names and URL”s into all kinds of useful collections which you can then choose to allow or deny access to from your network.  OpenDNS grabs your DNS “queries” and, for categories which you”ve chosen to block , it inserts its OWN ip addresses in the return, rather than the actual destination. For example, you can choose to block adult content.  When you type in “” in your browser, your computer queries OpenDNS for the correct IP address. OpenDNS, sees that you”ve chosen to block this site, and instead of returning (the acutal address), it returns with an address owned by OpenDNS. So when your browser goes to this new address, you”re greeted with a nice blocked message that looks something like this:opendns screenshot 300x206 Using OpenDNS to Protect Your Network

By intercepting these addresses, OpenDNS has the ability to block all sorts of malicious or unwanted content, and notify you if it detects you trying to access it.  For instance, they can currently detect if you”re infected with the conficker worm.

They also offer all kinds of great statistics about your network”s usage. You can customize the block messages and looks as well.  For the price, OpenDNS can”t be beat.

There are instructions on the OpenDNS website for configuring both home routers and individual computers. For more info click here.