0i16938000 Tether OSX Mac with Windows Mobile PhoneOne of the great features in Windows Mobile is the ability to tether your device to your computer in order to piggy-back on your mobile devices internet connection. This works great in airports or coffee shops so you don”t have to pay for wi-fi usage. If you”re running Windows on your laptop and have ActiveSync installed, its pretty straightforward. However, if you”re running OSX, it can be a bit trickier to tether your WinMo device. These instructions were tested with a BlackJack II. Here”s how to do it:

In theory, you should be able to simply set up Internet Sharing on your Windows Mobile device with Bluetooth PAN. Then on your Mac, simply create a BlueTooth PAN connection. The problem with this is that you run the risk of eating up your mobile device”s battery much quicker as its using its 3G connection and its bluetooth connection simultaneouslly. Even though it should work, I never could get it Many of these businesses, along with plenty of others, also provide driver training programs for those possessing a cdl training permit, or comprehensive packages that prepare you for both written and driving tests complete with test-like sample questions. going, anyways. Ideally, we want to plug the phone in via USB, so that it is charging while sharing its connection. OSX won”t support the standard ActiveSync USB Internet Sharing method, so you”ll need to do a little work to get it going.

First download these files

Unzip and Copy all three files to /Library/Modem Scripts

Back on your Windows Mobile device, in the USB connection settings, change USB to mode to MODEM instead of ActiveSync. You may get a warning here that ActiveSync won”t work when Modem is selected. Remember to change it back later when you are ready to sync up again with a Windows computer. Once you”ve selected modem, plug your device into your Mac via USB.

Now, go to your Network Preferences menu.

On the left side, you should see your list of online casino Network Interfaces. Click the little ” ” sign to add an interface. Click Interface drop down menu, and you should see a choice for “Samsung CDMA Technologies”. Go ahead and choose it, and click CREATE. it should populate itself on the left-hand pane now.

Highlight the new Samsung Entry, and on the right side make the following entries:

Configuration: Default

Telephone Number: wap.cingular


Password: CINGULAR1

Now click Advanced…

On the Modem Tab, make sure Vendor is Samsung and Model is GPRS (GSM/3G)

On the PPP tab:

For Session, Uncheck “Redial if Busy”

Next to Settings, choose CONFIGURATION and select “Send PPP echo packets” and uncheck: Use TCP header compression.

Apply all these changes and lock the Network Preferences, and you”re ready to test.

Its a good idea when testing to disable your Wi-Fi so you can be sure you”re genuinely using your mobile devices WAN.

Now, highlight the Samsung modem, and on the right side, click CONNECT. If all goes correct, you should see a little meter with your connection strength, and you should now be able to surf the web. Go for it!

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