apple iphone 30 Iphone 3.0 patches over 40 Security FlawsIn addition to all of the wonderful new features available on the new iphone os 3.0, there are over 40 security vulnerabilities that have been fixed. Some of these include this one which may pertain to Exchange admins out there:

Accepting an untrusted Exchange server certificate results in storing an exception on a per-hostname basis. On the next visit to an Exchange server contained in the exception list, its certificate is accepted with no prompt and validation. This may lead to the disclosure of credentials or application data. This update addresses the issue through improved handling of untrusted certificate exceptions.

and this interesting one:

A logic issue in the handling of ICMP echo request packets may cause an assertion to be triggered. By sending a maliciously crafted ICMP echo request packet, a remote attacker may be nbso able to cause an unexpected device reset.

So, in case you”re waiting for some reason to update, go ahead and take the plunge and do it. Its my belief, that as users become more mobile and start keeping more of their private information on these devices, the attempts at hacking mobile devices will become more common.

Here”s a link to more info straight from Apple regarding these fixes:

Let”s be safe out there…