hpmini2140 1 300x250 Hands On with the HP Mini 2140 NetbookI recently picked up a HP 2140 Mini Netbook as a present for my wife.  This little 1.6Ghz Atom powered netbook is the “business-class” edition of the popular HP Mini 1000 series netbooks.  While the 1000″s aremade primarily of black plastic, the 2140 has a beautiful brushed aluminum exterior, giving it a nice classy look.

Overall, this machine performs as you would expect from this popular class of notebooks.  The 1.6Ghz processor is fine at handling most basic tasks, as well as watching standard def video.  The model I got has 2GB RAM installed out of the box, so it takes quite a bit to slow it down.   The 10 inch screen is 1024X576. The colors are bright and pop nicely against the black finish.  The included 3 Cell battery gives 2.5-3 hours of use which is plenty, and keeps the weight down to an acceptable level. The 160GB hard drive left plenty of room to add a couple more operating systems like OSX and Windows 7. (more on that later)

There are a couple features that really make this netbook stand out online casino from the crowd:

1) The keyboard is at least 92 or 93%. Its very comfortable to type on, with full size shift keys in the appropriate places. Nice to see a good size keyboard on a netbook. Very small form factor for such a large keyboard.

2) There”s an express card slot for expansion

3) Drive protection best online casino technology from HP – built in accelerometer can disengage hard drive if the computer is dropped.

4) VGA output

The only negative I can see is the tiny little trackpad, which seems to be the biggest problem with netbooks. Its a bit too small vertically to properly traverse the screen. Also the left and right mouse buttons are on the left and right , rather than below the trackpad. This makes on handed navigation next to impossible, without utilizing the trackpad tap-to-click feature. Certainly not a deal breaker, but something to definitely be aware of.

All in all this is a great little netbook. Apparently there”s a newer version out with HD video. I imagine, its much the same, but with a prettier screen and a bit more horsepower.