images Hack your Iphone/ iTouch into a Vonage Softphone Vonage is a great service. Its relatively inexpensive, and they”ve got some great features, like Simu-Ring, email notifications, etc.,  I had always thought that in order to use the Vonage service one needed to use one of their hardware solutions, or pay extra for a “softphone” – a software based SIP phone, with an additional phone number, and monthly charge.  Wouldn”t it be great if you could fire up any SIP software based phone of your choice and still get dial tone from your Vonage account?  Well, thanks to a nifty little hack, you can.

The first thing you need is your Vonage web account information. Once you have it, enter the following online casino into your web browser, making sure to replace the parts in bold with your account information.

You”ll end up with a page full of mostly useless information. however, you want to copy down the following nbso entries as they relate to your account:


Now that you”ve got the secret information, you have two choices depending on whether your iPhone is jailbroken or not.

1) If your phone is NOT jailbroken, go the the App Store and grab the free FRING application. Once you”ve set your free Fring account up , go to More then Add-ons
Select SIP, then Other

Fill out the fields as follows:
User ID = ProxyUserName
Password = ProxyUserPassword
Proxy = ProxyDomain:ProxyPort

(mine was

Now save those settings and try making a SIP call. you”ll notice that your calls appear to come from your Vonage line. Neat!

2) If you phone is Jailbroken, get on Cydia and install the free SIPHON aaplication. Install it, then go to your iPhones settings menu and open up the settings for Siphon. Enter your username and passsword that you got from the webhack above. For server, enter the Proxydomain:Proxyport.  (mine was There”s all sorts of other settings you can make if you”re a real SIP guru.  Close the settings, fire up Siphon and start dialing.

Be sure whenever using either softphone to include the area code when dialing.