One of the only flaws with gmail is the lack of support for html signatures, or signatures that you can put images in. Now, with the help of Google Labs and some minor tweaking, you can easily accomplish this much wanted and needed feature.

Step 1: Go to Gmail Settings –> Labs and enable “Canned Responses” as well as “Inserting Images.”

Step 2: Compose a new message in Gmail and create a signature just like you would compose any other email message. Be creative!

You can casino either upload logos and icons from the computer or use ones that are already on the web. I suggest the former jameshallison casino style as that will permanently embed the image into your email signature.

Step 3: Once your happy with the formatting and layout of your new “HTML signature,” go to the Canned Response menu and Save – give some logical name like “Personal” for a signature that you want to attach to your personal emails.

Now whenever you are composing a new message in Gmail or replying to an existing message, just select the relevant signature from the Canned Responses drop-down and it will be inserted inline as in this screenshot.