One thing I hate is having unread messages in my mailbox. Its espeically bothersome if you have an iPhone, as the little new mail number icon on your homescreen will constantly be incrementing, and at some point becomes a useless number. Sometimes, you get so many messages but don”t necessarily want to com/?id=393955 "juice best thc detox diet") kindly verify out our possess website web casino online site. read all of them. Often you get the idea from just the subject and the sender. Rather than going through and checking each one and selecting mark as read, here”s a little trick to easily select only the unread messages. In the search box for gmail type:


Now, only the unread messages will show up. Simply click the select all box at the top and choose mark as read, and BAM, they”re all read. If you”re like me, you may have multiple pages of these to go through. After you clear one page, the next should show up automagically.