How to Get Sports Scores from Siri on IOS5 on older IphonesSiri is great, but unfortunately Apple only allows Siri on the Iphone 4S. As many tests have shown Siri happens to work just fine on older generation devices like the Iphone4. If you”ve jailbroken your iPhone, you can load SPIRE hack to get Siri loaded on your iPhone. Unfortunately, Siri still won”t authenticate with Apple”s servers since its not a Iphone 4S. In order to get Siri to work, you”ll need to set up your own Siri Server or connect to one of many free ones Roxy Palace brings you a superior online gambling experience, with a host of great features, from huge payouts, fantastic customer support, quick and easy banking in Canadian Dollars, and of course, loads of fast and furious Casino action! All of our games are powered by up-to-the-minute Microgaming software, offering everything from Kate Mehr joined Citizen boarding high schools in online casino 2005. seamless gameplay, to integrated features, advanced user interface, great graphics, superior animation, sound effects and more. that are out there.

1) Jailbreak your phone and install Spire hack.

2) Follow these instructions to set up your own SiriServer.

3) Once you”ve got your server up and running successfully and your phone talking to it, you can add in the Sports plugin as well as many others. Here”s the link to the sports plugin:

Copy the py file to your plugins directory. Enable it in plugins.conf, and restart your siriserver. You”ll need the beautifulsoup python module as well.

Once you”ve got it running, you can ask questions like:

What is the nba score for Miami?
What is the football score for Miami?
What is the baseball score for Miami?